How to Cut Flexible LED Lights to Fit Your Needs – Home Improvement Tips

Spaces that are sexually sexy. These lights can be used to illuminate beneath shelves to showcase various items, offer even lighting for mirrors, light up the back of the TV, reducing the strain on your eyes, and more. The video demonstrates how you can create flexible LED lights that they will fit into curves.

For the first step, you must use a sharp cutting tool, such as a pair of wire cutters in order to create the perfect cut. Make sure this cut doesn’t cause damage to the wires inside. Make sure the power is shut off prior to cutting. Next, cut the copper dots or ovals within the middle. Copper dots typically are placed at intervals of every three LEDs.

Attach the ends of the connected piece with an electric source following cutting. The tape will make sure that the circuit is correctly closed. However, if the goal is to connect flexible led lights, make sure you don’t block the circuit. A connector for strip lights, like the hippoclip permits a neat bend at an angle. To find out how many LEDs are possible to chain check out the specifications of LED strips. jbfyntxnrd.

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