What Is a Human Factors Plan? – Discovery Videos


place ensures that business runs smooth, even if the employee isn’t paying attention.

Human factors are everything that employees do in their interactions with their surroundings, equipment and workplace processes. The human factors strategy clearly determines the best ways to do one’s job, and what happens when they’re not done properly.

The human factors strategy assures employees that they are only asked to carry out tasks they can realistically perform. It’s not a good idea to have employees expect to perform more than they can handle whatever the reason, whether that’s due to inadequate staffing or working for long hours.

An effective human-factors program involves properly training an employee in using the equipment, interacting with other people working in the office as well as knowing when to request assistance for the task at hand. Also, it is important to discuss about what you can do to prevent the problem from happening again later on, for the event that something might go off the rails.


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