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e exercising. It also helps to cool down effectively and assist in the lubrication of muscles and joints with water. It improves brain function as well as energy levels and. The brain is comprised of 75 percent water. Being well-hydrated ensures that the brain receives a larger supply of oxygenated and fresh blood. It keeps you awake and boosts your cognitive performance. Water helps the body eliminate waste. It assists kidneys in getting rid of toxins through sweat and the urination process. The kidneys are able to function well and removes excess nourishment. It could help you lose pounds. The water you drink reduces hunger and boosts the amount of calories you burn. Based on a study conducted in 2014 at the University of Fribourg, people drinking 16oz of water lost up to three percentage points more calories for the first 90 minutes following taking the drink. 2. Take 10,000 Steps Daily

10,000 steps equate to about five miles, or about an hour and 40 minutes of walking. Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) they believe this is the amount adults must walk to achieve general fitness. But many Americans fall short of this standard, achieving about 3,000 to 4000 steps a day, or approximately 1.5 up to two miles.

Doctors refer to an “sedentary” life style as one who is walking under 5k every day. This could lead to the development of many diseases and illnesses that include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases as well as high blood pressure lipid disorders, high risk of colon cancer as well as anxiety. By walking 10,000 steps a day, you can help avoid many of these problems.

3. What should your biggest meal include?

Most people agree that the best time to consume calories is early in the morning. That means the bulk of your diet should revolve around meals and breakfast. In fact, you should be eating 75 percent of your daily calories by the time you reach 4pm. It is important to note that you should not consume more than 75% of your daily calories.


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