The Ins and Outs of Bail Bonds – Wired Parish Legal Newsletter

ond. It is a term that occurs frequently when it comes to legal or judicial matters. But, it could cause confusion for certain people. For more in-depth explanation look up How Bail Bonds are used.

Bail is essentially a payment that is refundable and kept by the court for the duration of the trial. It acts as a form of securitythat ensures any person required to attend court be able to appear in court. When a person is required to pay bail but can’t raise enough money for it, they could need the help of family or family members. Alternatively, the individual will have to attend hearings from prison.

Bail bond companies provide their services to assist those who can’t pay bail. According to a contract, bail bond agents are required to pay the bail amount in a cost that is not refundable. This fee is known as a premium. To place collateral in the agents hands, the individual must solicit collateral equal to the amount. If the client attends hearing, they’ll be able to get the collateral, however, if they fail to attend the collateral remains with the bond company. The interest is the profits. i3o9zhq19s.

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