How to Install a Light Fixture – Interior Painting Tips

illnesses to lower the chance of injury during the process. You may want to consider using a professional to complete the task. If you do have basic electrical knowledge Here’s the information you require to know about the installation of lighting.

Turn off the electric power. Shut off the circuit breaker by finding the switch. The wall switches of the lighting fixture to be installed should be shut off. After cutting the power flow then you are able to remove the light fixture that was previously installed, including the cover of the fixture as well as the old wire connectors. The next step is to secure the bolts which hold the fixture to its place. The electrical box serves to aid in the installation of the fixture. Be sure that the box is safely attached.

The next thing to do is join the wires. The wiring of the new fixture must correspond to those of the current home’s wires. White wires must be connected to green, white, or black. The fixture lighting installation secures the canopy’s base by pulling the wires in to the electric box. After that, install the recommended bulbs into the fixture and ensure the proper power. After that, connect the covers and trim.


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