Understanding Automatic Transmission – Car Talk Podcast

A mechanic who knows about automobiles. It is possible that you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding about how your transmission functions before you go to the mechanic. The article below will discuss automated transmission.

The planetary gear system can be used to automate transmission. This video will explain that planetary gear sets have two inputs as well as an output. They connect with the sun gears within the system. Different speeds could be different and have different impacts on the method of operation.

Between the output and input shafts, there is a shaft that is known as an intermediate shaft. In this shaft there are a variety of clutch plates. Different clutch plates can be employed based on how the vehicle moves.

It is referred to as an automatic transmission due to the fact that the vehicle automatically shifts the gear used for you as you increase or decrease the speed. Manual transmissions have you manually change the gear as you travel. The automatic transmission is easier to drive. There is a chance that you’ll have better understanding after visiting your mechanic to fix the transmission.


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