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Tests for frontal and side-impact included frontal offset tests. These tests were carried out on a 6-year old as well as 10-year-old dummy. There are numerous child seat in the second row of the car.

The Mazda 6 was rated 36.15/38 for adult passenger protection. For the frontal test, the vehicle scored 6.85 out of eight points when it was compared to the frontal offset test it got 7.49 out of eight points. The car scored full marks in the pole and side impact tests.


If you have kids or are shopping for an SUV this Lexus UX should definitely be in your shortlist of best cars that are safe for children. The car has a child-occupant protection score of 88%. It comes with seven airbags and pre-tensioner seats for the front and second rows on the outside seats. It means that you’ll be covered once your children reach the age where they can no longer use fully-belted child seat.

The Lexus UX was 43.1 points out of 49 in regards to safety tests for children. The score represents the total of the scores scored by four tests. They include the frontal offset test where the car was able to score 15.12 from 16 points, and the side impact test, which was a complete score. Additionally, it received all the points on the installation of child safety seats. Also, the car scored an 8.11 score from 13 for the safety features test.

In accordance with the ANCAP report, neck protection offered by the vehicle is satisfactory. This is the result of tests performed using 6- and 10-year-old mock-ups. The other side of the coin is that the car provides good protection to the crucial body areas. It scored the highest points when it came to side-impact testing. It scored best scores for young and old dummies.

Lexus UX can accommodate most child restraints currently on the market. Therefore, this car received the top score on the installation of child restraints evaluation. You can imagine, this is b


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