What Are Some Reasons Why You Should Pre Plan Your Funderal – Great Conversation Starters

Their loss will cause great grief and they may not remember your final wishes. Fred Hunter’s Funeral Services lists other reasons for you to pre-plan your funeral.

If nothing other than write down your wishes, make copies that you keep in prominent locations. Keep a spare copy of your wishes in your purse. Do not assume that your loved ones will be able to locate your documents.

Make a decision now on whether you wish to be cremated or laid to rest. The cost of pre-planning your cremation for burial is less. It covers all expenses, from viewing fees to caskets, to the final urn. Certain fees, such as those for flowers, are not pre-arranged since the price of flowers can fluctuate wildly.

Family members and friends are able to reduce costs by planning ahead. Average funerals in America cost around $7,600. Because of the lengthy probate process, your loved ones won’t receive any cash or assets you have left give them during the weeks, months or even for years following your death. The financial creditors (e.g. credit cards, banks, and banks with outstanding loans) may still be able to access any cash you leave to your heirs. riigmb3nz1.

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