What are Some New Trends in Estate Planning – Legal Newsletter

Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC looks at the latest trends for probate estate planning.

The idea of estate planning from home is the latest trend. It uses video conferencing or even the telephone for communicating with an estate lawyer. All a person needs to do personally is to sign legal papers. With the introduction of COVID-19the signing process can be done entirely inside of the client’s vehicle, meaning that the customer does not have to enter an office. Before 2020, most clients demanded face-to-face meetings with their estate lawyers.

Another trend is the use AI to help get legal documents prepared and reviewed. A few states have passed laws permitting certain legal documents be signed online rather than in person. This is part of the general trend to use technology for estate planning in order in order to simplify the process for both sides.

Taxation on estates is another problem for consumers. It’s set to drop in the second half of January 1st, 2026. The clients should make plans today to help their heirs can avoid paying the current 40% estate tax. gipaijxpis.

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