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as artificial structures. They are the places they would like to stay, and occasionally this could mean some places in your home.

Invading bats can cause damage to your house. The noise they make can be as disturbing than the damage they cause. This could cause grave health risks if you do not have bat control.

How can you avoid this occurring? These are some bat control strategies.

1. The walls must be repaired
Bats generally enter your house through the openings of doors, windows and holes in walls. Be sure to inspect every part of your house for any holes and cracks and also your roof.

2. The Gap is closing
If you spot gaps, places for entry and exit of the bats, use netting and sealants to remove them.

3. Use Floodlight
Since bats love it in quiet and dark places lighting a floodlight directly reflect light on the place would deter them from going.

4. Mothballs are a wonderful alternative
The smell of mothballs is a strong one which acts as a great bat deterrent. The mothballs may be placed in the areas where moths nest to these moths, which eat insects, to deter the moths from nesting.

5. Utilize Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a great spice for bat control. Although bats aren’t able to stand the smell, it’s still acceptable to use it. qtgt5c6dca.

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