The Wedding Planners Guide to Event Planning Insurance – Insurance Magazine

Insurance for event planners is a crucial part of any event or wedding organizing business. This video outlines the primary reason why you should get wedding planner insurance.

Video 1 mentions Murphy’s Law. It refers to the notion that everything can be wrong, and they will. This is why you need ensure that you have all of the protection for both you and your guests in the event of an accident or injury that might occur in the process of planning or implementation of the wedding. There are numerous things that can go wrong. This includes injuries to the body and damages to the equipment or property.

Event insurance should also be looked at as many venues require insurance to protect the property as well as themselves. It’s not just an issue for you as well as your guests, but, your ability to access stunning venues is severely restricted. Get insurance for your event planner immediately! 6h79qtiri7.

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