How Does a Push Back Rack Work? – SCHUMM

This video will explain the ways in which this particular storage solution operates.

The pallets are loaded and unloaded on the same side, this is why it’s a first-in and out method of inventory rotation. For optimal functionality and safety it is essential that all employees are fully familiar with the operation of the push back rack. The first step is that the employees require OSHA certified, as the video shows. It is also essential to use only standard, quality pallets, otherwise they could cause dangerous malfunctions when rotating or moving the pallets. Every pallet that comes into your warehouse should be checked to ensure it is of good quality. Prior to placing the pallet on the pushback rack You must be sure that the pallet is secured and in good order. Also, last but certainly not most important, it’s essential to ensure that the weight of the load is placed on the rack is not over the weight capacity. If you don’t check this, it could lead to unsafe situation. rfxbr2bokf.

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