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Pebblehost is an option to look into. They will host servers in a demonstration or trial environment. The website offers transparency in performance, as well as up-time statistics that are freely accessible for users to read. The reports show that the website does not pack the most servers into one single node as is feasible, which causes stress to the server. Their premium servers are much faster than their standard ones. GGServers simplify the process of the onboarding process of an Minecraft server. Though they have a wide range of choices for support, they may not be enough staff. However, they do have a reliable server. The GGServers service is recommended to those just getting started. SkyNode is a fantastic site. It seems like SkyNode gives much for its cost. The business offers the option of a free version which is slower than the traditional server but permits a user and some colleagues to experience it. Its tests revealed top performance and speedy chunk rendering for all servers, including their regular version.

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