Keep Your Home and Car Energy Efficient with Great Window Treatments

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, inefficient single pane windows account for about $30 billion of lost energy. There are many situations where a homeowner might want to replace their windows, including feeling drafts, a home feeling excessively cold in winter even when the heat is cranked up, or when windy days causes windows to rattle. If someone does not want to invest in new Rochester windows, they might want to try Aquapel glass treatment to make them more efficient. Using Aquapel can be a strong, if temporary, solution to the problems caused by inefficient windows.

If window panes are collecting condensation, ice, or frost, it could be the right time to consider replacing them. In fact, the typical homeowner can recoup roughly 71 percent of the cost of replacement windows because through the savings on energy costs. But if someone does not have the money needed to replace windows, applying Aquapel can be a good idea. Using Aquapel is a less expensive and easy way to improve the performance of aging windows.

In addition to be able to help windows on a home, Aquapel can also be useful on car windows. Though it might not keep the sun out like the window tinting rochester ny residents will use, it can help stay clean and easy to see out of. By treating a car windshield with Aquapel, it is easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt and bugs from the glass. When it comes to car windows, safety is a high priority, so being able to keep them clean is a necessity. As a result, treating them with Aquapel can be quite worthwhile.