10 Automotive Jobs That Pay Well – Your Oil


Automotive Paint Shop – Job No. 9

If you’re looking for the highest-paying jobs in automotive, make certain that an auto shop should be on your list. If you’re an auto paint technician you could work in auto repair shops on your own, or as an auto manufacturer. The exterior paint of vehicles are done by you. You also have to touch up any damage. During this job it is necessary to use specific tools for painting, such as sprayers. You’ll need information about which cars require special paint or other coats of paint.

To become an automotive paint tech, you must possess a certificate from a high school or GED. The vocational schools can award you a certificate that will improve your chances of employment. You can also learn new skills and get work knowledge. It requires a basic understanding of car repairs as well as technical abilities. It is not necessary to need any experience to get this type.

No. 10: Manufacturer of automotive plastic components

Making automotive plastic components is an important job. The automotive industry uses injection molding plastic as a popular method. The automotive industry demands reliable top-quality, secure products. Injection molding is a great solution to attain that. The position allows you to mold, cast , and put together plastic parts for cars.

There is the option to place, align, and secure equipment, molds and mold component in a press bed. Connecting lines can be connected and watch them work as they produce the pieces. Once the work is complete and the parts are removed from the machine , and then assemble them as needed. It is an important job when you are working in the production line. You may need to read the plans and be sure to follow the steps included. Follow the safety guidelines.


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