How Are Fire Alarms Activated? – Infomax Global

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Francis Upton invented heat detectors in the 1890s. Though they’re not the most advanced way to detect fire in a room, they are among the most effective and reliable compared to smoke detectors. But they tend to have a longer reaction time. Each heat detector has various methods for sensing the heat. There are two varieties of heat detectors can be seen that are fixed temperature and rate of rise.

Fixed Temperature – Fixed temperature activates the alarm when the sensing element is heated to a certain temperature. For instance, if a heat detector is set at 135 degF, it will is activated only when the temperature of the room reaches this level or goes above this set temperature. Rate of Rise detectors that sense abnormal temperatures are able to activate alarms based on the rate at which temperatures are increasing. Some other less well-known heat detectors are temperature compensation sensors, line-type heat detectors, and thermal detectors.

It is now clear how the heat detectors function. Find the one that best meets your needs for safety!


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