Understanding the Creation of Wholesale Tortillas – Rochester Pizza

Ted is able to show how businesses have grown substantially in the last couple of years.

The process required a lot of labor. Mixing dough manually would be necessary. It would then have to be split into smaller portions. Workers would need to pick the dough up and then roll it out by hand. Today, businesses are able to use technology for mixing and processing multiple batches at once.

There are some operations that can make tortillas in smaller portions by making use of 500lb containers. These batches ensure that the flavor is still blending as the recipe intended and allow for quick removing of bad batches.

The companies are able to alter their product more. Tortillas come from normal millet or whole wheat. A wider selection means there is no way that anyone is forced to be without a tortilla. The ketogenic option is to prepare them or without gluten.

The video below provides additional details on tortillas for wholesale.


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