How to Choose the Right Roofing Material – DIY Home Ideas

Types of roof materials for homes These items are heavy, and they could damage the building structure. Even though they’re fairly durable the material is fragile, and hence difficult to set up. They may not be suitable for areas with heavy rain or very cold temperatures.
4. Solar Shingles

Because of their ecological benefits solar panels have been becoming more popular. In the U.S. Department of Energy the country had eight billion square meters rooftops in the year 2016 which is suitable for solar panel installation within the United States. There are numerous benefits of solar roofing. These include the capacity to create the energy that is renewable. It is the most common type of roofing that consumes energy and thus contributes to the cost of electricity. In contrast solar roofing can be protected while contributing to green energy.

It takes longer and costs more to put in solar roofing. Also, it is quite difficult to deal with and requires greater knowledge and expertise to install. It’s not likely to work for areas that have less sunlight or shade.

5. Membrane Roofing

Have you heard about membrane roofing? It’s the newest forms of roofing materials that are suitable for residential buildings. It is constructed from the ethylene propylene monmer (EPDM) rubber sheet. It is typically used on roofs with low pitches or flats. Membrane roofing may be lightweight and long-lasting. It is also easy to set up on a roof without HVAC and boasts easy repair. Membrane roofing is typically used for commercial structures than in residential.

Membrane roofing can tear easily despite its numerous benefits. Small gaps between seams might allow for water to pass through. There is a high likelihood of puncturing at the time of repair or installation. Membrane roofing lasts and is able to last up to 25-30 years if maintained properly.

6. Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are like clay tiles for the installation. It costs less than clay tiles but offers similar advantages. It’s made from the sand that can be personalized by hue. Concrete tiles may be coated with a coating at the end, similar to concrete floors.


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