Commercial Roofing vs. Residential Roofing – Online College Magazine

commercial roofing differ in several ways. Certain roofing firms offer just one of these services, while others offer both. These two services are what set them in a different way from each other.

One of the main differences between commercial and residential roofing is the amount the time required for projects. The majority of residential roofing projects last up to 3 days. Commercial jobs however, they are more complex and often require up to a month, or even weeks. The duration of work is dependent on the material that are used. Businesses may need materials that are not available locally. But, homeowners prefer local components.

For both residential and commercial roofing, security is paramount. OSHA rules can be applied to any roofing business. Residential roofers, but, must take additional protections because the slopes tend to be steeper.

For roofing projects, the cost is not just based the type of work a business does commercial or residential roofing, but also based on how the company is run. Certain roofers prefer to be paid completely in advance, while other roofers will require a partial payment prior to an installation is complete. The roofing company has the option of choosing which method of business it will use.


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