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For a thorough examination of the functioning of your HVAC system, be sure to check for problems, leaks, or visible signs of neglect. Inspect the ducts for signs of damage to ensure they’re not rotten, damaged, or worn-out materials. Inspect the vents and exhaust fans to ensure that they’re operating correctly.

If you are using a heat pump utilized instead of an HVAC system, you should conduct similar inspections.

The Floor, Ceiling and Roof Inspections

Floors and ceilings are essential in the new homeowners list of things to do. They will also require regular cleaning as they age and will require maintenance. Be aware of the areas that are exposed to heavy traffic, and in areas that can easily get wet. Check for any scratches, dents or damage caused by physically-driven objects striking walls and flooring. Check for loose or broken boards due to moisture leaks from pipes or damaged wood beams.

Ceilings and floors are also areas prone to mold or other damages if you aren’t maintaining them well. Note any stains, dents and gouges which could indicate the presence of water or moisture on the surface.

When inspecting your ceilings and flooring, be sure to note any discoloration or discoloration to walls and ceilings that are caused by leaky pipes and damage caused by tangible objects that hit the surface. Another thing to do is look for any exposed beams or support structures. Make sure you inspect the basement for any water damaged. It is also important to examine your garage for spots, holes, or discoloration caused by water. In addition, you should look for indications of roof gutters that are leaking and downspouts.

Water Heating Systems

The heating of water is necessary for the checklist for new homeowners. Even though they do not need periodic inspections, they are required to inspect them often to ensure they are taken off or upgraded as needed to ensure your family’s needs are met.

Since they need maintenance, the water heating system are often compared with HVAC.


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