Tornado Spotter Gets Up Close to a Dangerous Tornado – Entertainment Videos

ornadoes can be a scary visual. Yet, they’re a fascinating phenomenon. The most captivating aspect of moving winds is that they effortlessly throw objects in the air. This kind of weather is not something that most people will ever encounter. However, in an emergency, there are tornado spotters that can identify these storms. Their task is to notify that the tornado is there and where it was to authorities so that they are able to issue a tornado warning. This video shows how a spotter follows the path of a tornado in order to inform authorities about its location.

The clip begins with a man riding in his car after a tornado. The idea is to get close enough to be able to see it , yet stay from it to be protected. The storm continues to wreck all it touches. One can only speculate that residents will have to call the local roofing firm afterward. The guy who has been a spotter for 14 years has seemed to be in good shape when the storm abruptly changes direction. This causes the man to swiftly turn around and go in the opposite direction. Thankfully, he was able to get away safely.


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