Check Out These Incredible Stained Glass Windows! – Contemporary Art Magazine

one of the most impressive forms of art out there. These stunning works of art sparkle in sunlight and typically are found on the interiors of temples and church buildings. When looking at a humongous stained glass window, you is unable to resist admiring the highly skilled workmanship used in the creation of glass. It is very difficult making stained glass. It is even more intriguing. In this video, we will review some of the most widely-acclaimed stained glass windows in the world. Let’s get started!

The majority of stained glass windows are employed as icons during prayers of religious significance. In Istanbul there is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque houses one of the most incredible panels of stained-glass, featuring more than 40 windows in one single wall. The Toluca’s Cosmovitral, Mexico, has a ceiling adorned with colorful abstract stained glass windows. This gives color to the interior. In addition, Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, Texas has an immense pattern of stained glass pieces and spiralling infinity into the ceiling. Stencil is an amazing and timeless technique to show your creative flair.


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