The Origins of the American Mall – Spokane Events

. Recently, there has decreased interest in malls and a number of malls are shutting down. We will be looking at the history of American Malls in this article.

People started shopping at the malls to make it easier. People were more inclined to spend money in the 1950s due to insufficient parking. Victor Gruen, a man from the Netherlands, designed a structure that addressed these concerns. The first mall in America was designed by Victor Gruen. The mall was located in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

PBS Newshour explained that Gruen established two massive shops on opposite ends of the shopping center. The reason for this was that people could not travel for an extended period to travel from one area to the next. The middle between the two big stores He put many smaller shops. Because customers would pass by the smaller stores while they were going to larger shops, this was a benefit for them.

It’s hard today to find an American that hasn’t visited one of the malls. It’s fascinating to study how Victor Gruen designed these buildings with the highest interest of everyone.


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