How to Prevent Rusted Car Parts – NASCAR Race Cars

You don’t have to worry about the rusty parts of your car. This video provides a basic way to stop rusty repairs to keep your car running right along.

Electrochemical oxidation is the cause of the rust. The car’s steel encounters air, water and salt while driving, which creates an acid that consumes the metallic. Most cars have paint on at the factory to prevent the process of oxidizing. Cars’ bodies are protected with several layers.

A lot of the metal in the underneath of the car is electroplated when the vehicle is made. As the first defense that is used, zinc is sprayed onto the steel. Zinc beneath is destroyed by the water, air and salt.

If the coating remains intact, the coating will work. Your car will be vulnerable to corrosion if there are cracks, scratches or paint chip cracks. Waxing your car four times every year helps keep the protective layers on your car supple and durable.

Make sure to wax your car throughout the year including spring, summer autumn, winter. That will prevent rust and ensure that your vehicle is running for a long time. Click the above link to find out more.


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