Three Tips for Preventing Lower Back Pain at Work – health-SPLASH

The older we get older, the more noticeable back pain is often. The good thing about back pain is that minor changes to the way that people work and especially their lifting techniques for heavy or low-lying objects could make a huge difference in the extent to which back pain is likely to be experienced.

Certain people will always suffer from lower back pain as a result of improper lifting technique and poor posture. So a few tips on correct lifting technique and posture can be a great help in alleviating these problems. Another problem could be pain from arthritis. Arthritis back pain often manifests at the top of the back and not necessarily in the lower back as with improper lifting.

If you have to seek medical attention and undergo physical therapy, the expense of treating arthritis within your lower back can be costly. You can cut down on those cost as well as reduce back pain by following easy-to-follow tips to build better and more pain-free back. It can help improve the quality of your life and outlook.

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