Are There Non-Hormonal Menopause Solutions? – FATA Online

Here’s a list of other options for non-hormone therapy when you’re trying to locate an gynecologist who can help you with your symptoms of menopausal.
We’ll start with paroxetine. It’s an FDA-approved medicine that can be used to aid in treating depression and anxiety. The dose for women who have menopausal symptoms is lower than what would be recommended to those suffering from anxiety. This particular medication is effective at curbing side effects like the night sweats, hot flashes as well as mood shifts. This medication could also help improve sleep stability.
There are some medications that can help you through menopausal menopausal issues. They include SSRIs which are mostly to manage depression and anxiety. These medications are efficient in decreasing symptoms associated with menopausal symptoms, even though paroxetine has been acknowledged by the FDA. rkjx5ybhm5.

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