How To Pass the Series 79 Exam – Investment Video

First, you will have to dedicate the proper amount of time to it. You have to carve out about one hundred hours and spread the hours over a five to eight-week period of time. Next, you have to read the whole book you get. This really is crucial in the event that you want to pass the exam. You certainly can do well yourself whether you should be able to get A-Series 7-9 allocation on your own, as well. Each one of these elements may help you get the mark you need.

The exam will probably simply take you about five hours to complete. To maneuver, you have to find a rating of 73 percent or longer. The exam has an overall total of 185 queries, and also only a hundred seventy five of them count from the grade. Also, most of the questions in your exam will likely have four different choices. Multiple choice options really are a bit bit easier than another choices.

There is going to be four primary areas you’ll have to test. One place is undertaken and financial statements. The areas include funding markets and also overall securities market laws. The good news is the fact that the exam simply is made up of roughly ten per cent mathematical computations. m36zko3tzw.

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